Our Recruitment Search Process

SilverBull is a full-service IT, information security and cybersecurity recruitment firm specializing in the top tier of information security experts. Through our reputation for the highest standards of quality and expertise, we attract the leading specialists in cybersecurity and match them with organizations in need. Our rigorous and proven candidate selection process ensures only the most qualified and capable professionals are presented to our clients. It is this commitment to quality, depth of experience and true professionalism that has made SilverBull a top choice for organizations seeking cybersecurity and information security specialists.


Our Recruitment Search Process:

What sets SilverBull apart from the many other cybersecurity talent firms in today’s market is our proven 8-step process that ensures we match your needs with the best possible candidate. It is this systematic approach to talent identification and placement that keeps our clients coming back. This comprehensive process incorporates all aspects of talent identification, evaluation and placement, with an emphasis on the precise needs of our client. The steps include:

  1. Discovery:
  • We develop a comprehensive understanding of your business and IT needs, organizational strategy, growth plan, and the role of your ideal candidate within this context.
  • We identify any challenges to the search including the timetable, unique or advanced skill sets, and any special qualifications.
  1. Search Strategy & Candidate Identification
  • We use our extensive network to research target industries, companies and talent.
  • We build a dossier of potential candidates for further evaluation.
  1. Evaluation
  • We contact candidates to discuss the opportunity and determine interest.
  • We narrow the list of qualified prospects.
  1. Prescreen
  • We interview candidates and ask extensive questions about their background, experience and why they’re interested in the new role.
  • We uncover and identify any disqualifiers or red flags.
  1. Presentation
  • Only at this point do we present the most qualified candidates to our clients using easy-to-read resumes and detailed candidate profiles.
  • We then assess the feedback from our client and adjust the search if necessary.
  1. Client Interviews
  • We set up or help coordinate interviews to introduce candidates and client.
  • We ensure that both parties are prepared prior to the interview.
  • We also maintain regular contact with both parties to ensure that any issues are immediately addressed.
  1. Candidate Selection
  • We manage the offer process and act as a mediator to ensure the needs of both parties’ are being met.
  • We always protect our client’s interest by advising them on candidate counter-offers and negotiations.
  1. On-boarding
  • Finally, we assist with the integration of the newly hired employee into the role as specified by the client.


When you engage SilverBull in your search for a cybersecurity expert, you are putting a team of highly qualified recruitment specialists to work for you. Our expertise and industry experience means you will be selecting from a list of the most qualified candidates available to meet your specific needs. And no other talent acquisition company will work harder for you.