Managed Staffing Solutions (VMS)

Contingent labor is an important and rapidly-growing segment of the modern workforce. Now more than ever it’s crucial to manage sourcing, speed, data, reporting and vendor optimization. That’s why SilverBull offers Managed Staffing Solutions for our clients who maintain a large or complex base of contingent labor. We partner with PeopleFluent® in implementing their Vendor Management System (VMS) for vendor managed services and managed IT staffing solutions.IT Managed Staffing Solutions and VMS

This comprehensive service helps our clients to gain better insight into the cost, compliance, risk and efficiency metrics of contingent workforce management. Our expert team of staffing and talent acquisition professionals will seamlessly manage all of your contingent labor needs including reporting, hiring and sourcing metrics, vendor optimization and program management.

Key Benefits Include:

A) Harmonized and Standardized Workflows

  • Single starting point for all contingent labor requests and sourcing needs

B) Total Talent Management

  • Visibility, alignment, assessment, measurement and productivity across all talent pools, both permanent and contingent

C) Cost Control and Savings

  • Track labor costs to budget, rate and supplier management, and SOW controls

D) Compliance

  • Mitigate risk by ensuring compliance requirements are being met across the contingent and/or project resource lifecycle

E) Efficiency

  • Automated onboard and off-board process, centralized vendor management and candidate screening all via an intuitive user interface

F) Visibility

  • Drive decision-making and strategy with meaningful analytics, business intelligence and robust reporting

The VMS is a highly configurable, robust application, which helps minimize implementation costs often associated with extensive customization. Its intuitive interface allows for high user adoption across your organization ensuring that sourcing, procurement, and HR functions have the necessary insights into your non-employee workforce to drive efficiency, cost savings and compliance. The system’s built-in analytical tools and extensive report library, provides managers and executives with powerful strategic insights to help make informed decisions.

Contact us to learn more about our Managed Staffing Solutions (VMS) to see if it’s right for your organization.

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