Increase in Entry-level Cyber Security Jobs for Recent College Graduates

Entry-level cyber security jobs are in demand.

Cybersecurity is a hot industry right now that is rapidly expanding. Companies are having trouble filling their mid and senior level roles, and many are not focused on their future. Organizations need to create succession plans to avoid having giant holes in their workforce down the road when the baby-boomers retire. However, some companies are starting to develop more entry-level cyber security jobs, giving recent college graduates the chance to jump into this growing industry.

Even though entry-level cybersecurity jobs are becoming more popular, there is not much variation in the types of jobs offered to recent college graduates. The cybersecurity industry has many different roles and positions available, but for entry-level positions, companies are offering basic Security Analyst-type roles. Though there is a slight range in the titles used (ex. Security Analyst, Security Specialist, Cybersecurity Engineer, Information Security Analyst), but most of the jobs have similar responsibilities.

These generic entry-level jobs allow recent graduates to break into the industry. Most roles are looking for candidates with a cybersecurity degree, or another IT related degree, strong technical skills, an understanding of software development and some hands-on experience through internships or their coursework.Increase in Entry-level Cyber Security Jobs | Silverbull

These entry-level roles typically involve testing and analyzing different security products and systems. These roles will expose a recent graduate to the industry and give candidates room to explore different career paths within the industry.

Many universities have jumped on the cybersecurity bandwagon too by creating cybersecurity degrees, allowing recent students to gain some experience in the industry. Some of the top programs in the country are listed here.

Cybersecurity is in demand, even if your school does not offer a cybersecurity-specific degree, it is a career you should consider. According to U.S. News & World Report, employees in cybersecurity tend to make $15,000 more on average than a typical IT job, with an average salary of $116,000. In addition to making a good living, it is an exciting industry that is quickly growing.

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