Silverbull Analytics has developed proprietary placement technology that is revolutionizing the hiring industry in the most competitive field of the technology industry.   Through the combination of complex collection methodologies, algorithms, and data analytics, Silverbull has been able to create an industry breakthrough that is breaking the operational model in the placement industry.

Silverbull allows clients to gather, refine and analyze specific data as it relates to specific positions. The near real time insight and visibility as it relates to geography, salary range, days to fill (DOF), Days Open, New positions open, Industry trends, and benefits provide the user with a strategic hiring advantage, that has been previously unavailable.

Combine the above capability with Silverbull’s, intern staffing and management platform, GiantIvy, and the client has the ability to develop a long term staffing capability that has been unavailable in the industry. In a sector that is projecting negative unemployment rates for the foreseeable future, it is essential that companies develop a sustainable strategic hiring plan that outperforms the competition.

The utilization of the Silverbull asset pool, can reduce hiring costs by over 30%, speed the hiring process by 20% and produce a significantly higher take rate than the historical industry averages.

Key Benefits Include:

A) Real – Time Compensation Data

B) Competitive Data

C) Local and National Market Stats

D) Skills Mapping

E) Strategic Planning and Budgeting Data

F) Visibility into Talent Pool by Job

G) Job Description Data

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