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5 Surprising Statistics and Recent Cybersecurity Hiring Trends

What does 2016 have in store for cybersecurity hiring trends?

Cybersecurity Hiring Trends in 2015 | SilverbullCybersecurity hiring trends are constantly changing because the market is constantly changing. The skills gap is increasing as the demand for skilled cybersecurity employees increase, which presents an enormous challenge for the industry.

Many companies are starting to realize that security breaches are a huge threat to their business; especially in the finance, healthcare and retail fields. These industries are now scrambling to hire and create a strong cybersecurity team.   According to Burning Glass, over the past 5 years, the finance industry has seen an increase of 137% in the demand for cybersecurity workers. Healthcare was not far behind with a 121% increase in demand and retail with an 89% increase.

Key Hiring Trends In Cybersecurity

In addition to an increase of the demand for cybersecurity employees, there have also been other hiring trends that have affected the industry.

  1. Companies are seeking not just cybersecurity professionals, but ones that come with qualifications; a cybersecurity certification is required for 35% of the jobs in the field.
  2. Employers are also seeking professionals who are educated. Over 80% of industry’s job postings require a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience.hiring trends in cybersecuriyt
  3. Hands-on employees’ salaries are starting eclipse management’s salaries. According to this Dice report, the average salary of a Lead Software Security Engineer is $233,333, while a Chief Security Officer’s is $225,000.
  4. Cybersecurity openings are harder to fill. These openings tend to be open 8% longer than IT jobs in general. Additionally, companies seeking employees with security clearances (10% of cybersecurity jobs require one) or financial experience are really struggling to find the talent they need.
  5. There is a gap in the younger generation’s knowledge and interest of the industry. Computer science classes are not offered to 64% of high school students in the U.S. This struggle is prevalent among women, who are lacking in the field already.

Cybersecurity is a component of our world that is becoming more and more important each day. Hiring trends in cybersecurity will continue to change as the industry continues to rapidly grows.

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