How to Be Prepared for A Cyber Attack

Follow the Girl Scout Motto and Be Prepared for a Cyber Attack.

Cybersecurity is not something to think about just when an attack happens; everyone needs to be on his or her toes, both at work and at home. Attacks are happening daily, to both business and individuals and are causing huge problems. Here are some tips on how to be prepared and how to try and prevent them from happening to you


Getting attacked by a hacker affects your business, your reputation and your customers. It is very important to have as many measures as you can in place to prevent a cyber attack.

  • Know your vulnerabilities. Hire a consultant to come in and tell you where there are holes in your infrastructure and then fix them.
  • Be proactive. I know this might seem expensive now, but in the long run it will save you money and time. This is one of the situations where you always think it will not happen to you, until it does. Cleaning up after an attack is always more timely and more expensive than having the proper measures in place to prevent one.
  • Develop a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) type role for your organization. A CISO is able to analyze data and security needs and translate them into business initiatives. They can organize all of your security initiatives and translate them into attainable goals and they work directly with upper management to make it clear what needs to be prioritized within the business.

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Businesses that we frequent have their own vulnerabilities; many of them have been attacked, including places like Target and Home Depot. These attacks have left our personal information up for grabs.

Now that this has happened time and time again, we have to keep our eyes out for people misusing our information.

  • Keep a constant eye on all of your bank and credit card statements, even the tiniest charge that you can’t remember spending, might be a sign of a hacker using your information.
  • File for you taxes early. Some criminals now have access to people’s tax information and file their taxes to steal their tax refund. If you file your taxes right away there is less of a chance of this happening.
  • Close any credit cards/debit cards that you know have been used at a business where there was a breach. Most banks are more than happy to do this and send you a new card. Many banks, like Bank of America, do this on their own.

In addition to people stealing your financial information, people now have hacked people’s cars, smartphones, personal computers and smartwatches. Keep your eyes out for any sign of something not working properly or acting strange, it may be because someone has compromised it.

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