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Cybersecurity Experts Biggest Complaint: Security Programs Aren’t Prioritized

What is one of the most important things information security candidates look for in a company? The importance of their cybersecurity initiatives.

In our job as cybersecurity recruiters, this is something we hear over and over from our candidates and professionals.Cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues facing our society; hackers are attacking our businesses and governments on a daily basis. To help combat this problem, many organizations are now seeking top information security professionals to join and help them strengthen their security measures.

For these professionals, however, it is not as simple as joining a new company and fixing everything; they can not do it all. One of the biggest concerns that job seeking cybersecurity professionals have is that companies are not always willing to invest in security. They hire one person, expect them to do it all, without having a good idea of what they need or want.

Setting Security Professionals Up for Success

Security professionals want organizations to provide them with the budgets and resources necessary to develop a strong security program. Many candidates mention how they join organizations but cannot implement the work that needs to be done due to companies not willing to invest more into their security programs.

Additionally, before starting a search for a security professional to join their team, organizations should have an idea of what they want their security program and the position to entail. It might be a good idea to hire an information security consultant to see where the holes in your security program exist and where the most work needs to be done.   The organization should then be very clear when they are interviewing candidates in explaining what they want their security program to look like and the resources they are willing invest in it.

Most importantly, cybersecurity professionals want to be of value to your organization. Here a few tips for executives to remember:

  • It is cheaper to be proactive than reactive in the long-run, you do not want to wait until your systems are attacked or hacked.
  • If you have hired or are hiring a security expert, listen to them and act on their recommendations.
  • Have the security team play an active role in the decision making process.

In the end, if you listen to these suggestions, you will have a more secure system and happier information security employees.

If you’re a cybersecurity professional looking for a new role at an organization that takes cybersecurity seriously, contact us today, so we can see how we can be of help.