College Recruitment (CRPO)

As part of our commitment to full-service IT and cybersecurity recruiting and staffing solutions, SilverBull has created the GiantIVY brand – a service designed to match recent college graduates with fast-growing companies who are in need of their talent.SilverBull | College Recruitment (CRPO) - GiantIVY Through our College Recruitment Process Outsourcing (CRPO) service we manage all aspects of the search for qualified graduates, from learning your requirements to identifying and screening candidates to managing the interviews and offers.

SilverBull: IT and Information Security RPO and Staffing Expertise

We developed GiantIVY as a forward-thinking concept. By helping IT graduates to translate their academic achievements, course projects and internships into easily identified skills and qualifications, our clients are better able to choose the ideal candidate for their needs. In doing so, we remove the recruitment and selection burden so that they can focus on what they do best.

We recognize that the demand for qualified job applicants is growing, while the pool of available talent is shrinking. GiantIVY helps to overcome this deficit by identifying the best and brightest graduates for our clients in need. By working directly with college graduates and the companies looking to hire them, we can match the most qualified candidates with companies that are looking for their specific skills.

Our relationship with both employer and job candidate gives us the unique ability to identify the ideal candidate for any position. As the competition for skilled workers is only expected to increase, SilverBull and GiantIVY are here to help our clients identify and hire the best and brightest talent.

With baby boomers retiring in ever greater numbers, workforce succession planning has never been more important. Our dynamic college graduate CRPO service attracts top talent from within the highly sought-after group of millennial job seekers, and offers their skills directly to our clients. Our expertise in matching qualified graduates with jobs in their chosen field is unsurpassed.

To learn more about what our SilverBull and GiantIVY college recruitment process outsourcing (CRPO) team can do for your organization, contact us with your needs.