IT Job Search Tips

6 Tips for IT Job Seekers to Ease the Recruiting Process

Starting a job search can be a daunting prospect. SilverBull has 6 job search tips for IT job seekers looking to find their next career step.

IT Job Search Tips for IT Job Seekers

Many times when speaking with IT job seekers they say they’re open to anything, whether it be location or salary; however this typically is not the case. Someone who is used to city life probably is not going to want to move and work at a company that is in the middle of nowhere. If you are open to moving, but want to stay within the surrounding area of a major city, tell the recruiter. It will help them narrow down their search, which will bring you one step closer to finding your ideal opportunity.

The same thing goes for salary; many times candidates will say, “I am not driven by salary,” or “I am open to negotiations for the right opportunity,” but you need to be truly honest with both yourself and the recruiter. Everyone has a number in their head that they are hoping to make or need to make to sustain their lifestyle. Even if it is your dream job, most people will not be willing to take a $50,000 a year pay cut. This honesty will prevent misunderstandings and in the end will save both you and the recruiter time, leading to better jobs being presented to you.

Here are our IT job search tips for the job seekers out there:

  1. Location – Be specific. Ex. “I want to stay on the West Coast, and live close to a major city.”
  2. Money – Give a salary range, even a wide range, so the recruiter knows the lowest you will accept, but the recruiter will still aim for the high end.
  3. Company size – Where do you prefer working? Some people prefer a Fortune 500, while others are looking to stay small and would be open to start-ups. Choose one side of the spectrum.
  4. Industry – If you have worked in the financial sector and loved it, tell the recruiter that. They want to help you find your best fit.
  5. Job title – Many people say, job title does not matter. But it does, or at least the seniority of the job does. Be specific and say if you want a leadership position, or if you want to stay very technical, or if you want a combination of both.
  6. Network – Building a strong LinkedIn network will put you in touch with recruiters, allow you to see the jobs they are currently hiring for, and make strong connections in the industry.

The most important thing to remember when speaking with a recruiter is to be honest, otherwise they are probably going to come to you with job after job that you are not interested in. They will appreciate you knowing what you want and it will help them find the best fit for you much more quickly. At the end of the day, that is the goal for the recruiter and for you.

We hope you found these IT job search tips to be useful and that you find a great new job! Be sure to follow us to get more job tips and cybersecurity news.