About SilverBull – IT & Cybersecurity Recruiting

SilverBull is a full-service IT and cybersecurity recruiting and IT staffing company committed to helping our clients find and hire only the best. We partner with our clients to fully understand their business needs and to provide them with the highest caliber of cybersecurity talent in the industry. From CISO and executive-level security experts to Cybersecurity Recruiters - SilverBullspecialists in the latest threat mitigation techniques to the most qualified entry-level candidates, we’ll help to fill the gaps in your organization’s information security efforts.

Our expert information security recruiters focus exclusively on technology and cybersecurity staffing so that your organization can maintain its edge in this critical business category. We put our extensive knowledge of the cybersecurity field to work in identifying the most qualified candidates so that our clients are presented with only the top tier of industry talent. No other agency will work harder to ensure the continued success of your business.

Our Services

SilverBull is here to help throughout the entire life-cycle of your staffing requirements. As a full-service IT recruiting agency we don’t just identify the most highly-qualified candidates for our clients, we also help with:

We partner with our clients to pinpoint exactly where their information security needs are, and design a plan to meet those needs now and in the future. From immediate job fulfillment to outsourcing of your entire hiring and on-boarding process, SilverBull is here to serve you.

Our Guiding Principles

At SilverBull we believe first and foremost in the power of partnership. We understand that we can be successful only by helping our clients to succeed. We also understand that the best way to attract the top talent in the industry is to maintain the highest standards of integrity, quality and professionalism. That’s why we live by these guiding principles in everything we do:

  • Demonstrate a dedication to our clients’ success by always exceeding expectations
  • Be authentic, practice respect, and communicate clearly and honestly
  • Never settle for anything less than our absolute best
  • Maintain an entrepreneurial focus by embracing change and always learning
  • Be consistent, earn the trust of our clients, and show integrity in all business dealings

To learn about how SilverBull can help your organization maintain its edge in information security, send us a message or give us a call at 860-785-4798.

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